A Mormon Blog

Blogging About The Mormon Church


Everything that is read on this blog should be read in the context of the following five truths about the Mormon Church (The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints):

  1. The Mormon Church is a Christian Church.
  2. The Mormon Church embraces Jesus Christ as the Savior.
  3. The Mormon Church believes all that the Bible teaches about Christ’s birth, life, ministry, crucifixion, and resurrection.
  4. The Mormon Church believes that the Church Christ established fell away from the truths that He taught and had to be brought back.
  5. The Mormon Church believes that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints is the latter-day restoration of Christ’s ancient Church.

In the context of these five truths everything that is shared on this blog will be more meaningful and will be understood in the right way.

This blog, “A Mormon Blog” is focused on sharing the core message of the Mormon Church and is not a blog that will have posts about speculative/questionable doctrines and issues.



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